Shusha basket


  • Shusha basket
  • Approx. 28 CM in diameter
  • Colour, shape and size may vary
  • Wall hanging, decor or functional piece
  • Made in Zimbabwe


The Shusha and  Ilala basket are handwoven using the coil weaving method. The material used for these basket differ greatly. Shusha basket are finished off using sisal which gives a smooth, fine textured finish. The Ilala basket use the Ilala palm leaf which has a course, textured, more organic look. The finish of a basket is dictated to by the availability of natural raw material. The basket are produced by woman in rural Zimbabwe. Use the Shusha or ilala basket on the wall, as decor or storage or as an organic lampshade. The basket may be used individually or group together for effect.

Additional information

Additional information


Ilala baskets (Palm leaf), Shusha basket (Sisal)

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