Flat woven basket


  • Flat woven basket
  • Approx. 41 – 45 CM in diameter
  • Colour, shape and size varies due to natural material used
  • Wall or home decor, functional tray or plant holder
  • Made by hand in Zimbabwe

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Handwoven in Zimbabwe this classic flat woven basket will make a striking wall, decor or functional piece. Each flat woven basket or Ukhomane is unique in shape, form and design – greatly inspired by the weaver herself. The Ukhomane was traditionally used to sort and clean maize and other grains by the woman in their homesteads. Today, this basket can still be found in the rural areas performing a functional purpose. In recent times, the weavers have realised the value of the Ukhomane basket and have created an income generating function by producing them for home and decor use. The beautiful tight diagonal weave adds texture and depth to this multipurpose basket.

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