Malaki Ndlovu | A Zimbabwean artist who migrated to South Africa to escape political unrest. Malaki keeps a portfolio of his artwork and numerous magazine articles describing his education, inspiration and exhibitions in a well used leather binder. He is keen to share his journey with me. Malaki’s art career transitioned from emotive political paintings to small wildlife and Nguni sculptures. Trying to differentiate himself from other artists, he is making a name for himself with his Nguni collection. Paper mache, made from egg boxes collected in Malaki’s community in Krugersdorp, is worked around a wire frame before being left in the sun to dry. As the process is dependent on weather conditions, each piece produced may take a few weeks to complete. Hand made and painted in South Africa, each Nguni display Malakai’s signature markings and is signed by the artist himself.

I love the authenticity and character of the Nguni which may be displayed as an art or decor piece in the lodge, home or office. Malaki Ndlovu, an animated character with a passion for life, art and the creative.

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