Khulisani is a passionate Zimbabwean artist with a college art major. He came to South Africa with aspirations of making a living through art. Realizing large works of art, which are his first love, where expensive to produce and ultimately sell, led him to produce something smaller and more reasonably priced. Inspired by nature and its resources he created the African Seed Pod and Clay Bird range.

Khulisani uses Star Chestnut seed pods from Zimbabwe, river clay from Soweto township and wire to mould and create miniature bird art. Each piece is as unique as their counterpart in the wild. The birds have wire legs ensuring they are stable and able to stand on any flat surface. Each bird created by Khulisani is unique in finish, character and detail. The delightful seed pod birds are made with a passion and understanding of Africa’s vibrant bird life. The Blue Crane (South Africa’s national bird), Helmeted Guineafowl and Hoopoe are made from the Star Chestnut seed pod while the feisty Rooster are moulded from river clay and exude character and charm. Each bird is handmade and painted with great attention to detail, standing between 10-15CM tall. A minute art piece is the foundation for Khulisani’s thriving business which provides for himself and his family.

The seed pod and clay bird are miniature masterpiece. They exuding charm and character quite similar to their creator, Khulisani.

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